Tuesday, December 27, 2016

It's the most wonderful time of the year (for cleaning!)

Merry Christmas Blog!

I wanted to post on December 25th, but I swear, since last Tuesday I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off, trying to squeeze every ounce of energy into Christmas and family and friends.

And now it's post Christmas; I lay in bed at night and think about how I can do whatever I want tomorrow, like sew, or look at new projects, or organize my sock drawer, but then I realize I have a messy house with messy boys and it is time.

Time to de-clutter, out with the old, in with the new, go through everything, and make choices.

So, this afternoon I organized the entryway closet.  I was thinking while I was doing that, that if I wasn't a CPA, a fun job for me would be consulting with people on how to clean and organize spaces.  I find it very relaxing to sort out messes, scrub out dirt, and make things sparkle.  And, if we are honest with ourselves, most people really don't know how to organize and clean well.

I blame my mother.

She was always cleaning.  Always.  After dinner, we would clear away the dishes and she would spend another two hours cleaning.  I always wondered what she was doing, but now that I have children, I know.

Believe me, I know.

(by the way, how do people without kids get messy houses?  Granted, before kids I used to think my house was messy...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

Anyways, my mom was getting the crumbs out of the backs of the chairs, she was wiping down not only the table, but the edges, and the sides of the chairs, where little children put their sticky fingers.  She was wiping down light switches and faucets, taking the toothbrush and the cleaner to the grout, wiping down the mirror which gets splattered all day...it is a never ending job if you see it.

many don't see it.  I would be good at showing people (who wanted my help, mind you) how to deep clean, and how to organize.

Of course, it wouldn't do any good if you didn't keep it up.  I think that is why most professional women I have met who have made it to the top hire cleaners.  Really, they are quite snotty about it.  I don't mind saying that, and if I ever met those women again I would say, "you know, you are really quite snotty about how you hire people to clean your house and refrigerator, and you make people feel bad because they clean (or don't clean) their own houses."

Anyways, I once, through a coworker, worked with a women who was a "Professional Organizer".  I am slightly ashamed to say the only reason I did was to try to impress this female manager at work -- this was her friend and she highly recommended this women's skills.  I paid $75 for something I could have easily done for myself around $45.  Lesson learned.  Plus, the manager I was trying to impress still hated me after...lesson learned again!

Well, I have to order pizza in 10 minutes, as the boys (Nathan, Evan, and Daddy) are on their way home, so I had better stop blogging.

but, maybe tomorrow, I could finish March 2016??

Below are pictures of Nathan's room...clean!!!!

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