Thursday, April 27, 2017

PIYO thoughts....

Well, after days of cleaning up this house, I am finally onto "work on pictures/blog" on my list.  It is cold, snowy, and dreary out today, so I have approximately eight minutes here before I need to go workout.

I honestly don't remember anymore what I have blogged about or not, but in early November, after a work trip, the next day we were baking Christmas cookies (the rollouts, as we call them).   Anyways, as I was standing there rolling out the dough, I got a horrible pain in my foot -- it took my breath away.  I quickly went to the bathroom and sat down and it went away.  I got up and assumed it was nothing, when it returned -- I had to sit down again.  "dang!" I thought, "what the heck did I do to my foot?"

Well, fast forward...many trips to the podiatrist, wearing a boot for three weeks in case it was broken (over Christmas), and trips back to the doctor, and we realized it wasn't my foot at all (or should I say, I figured it out, because the doctors didn't know shit).  Irritated nerve pain from my L1, running through my glutes/piriformis muscles.

So, in January, I started walking.  I had a hunch that my weak hips from the prior year, and on a different leg, were now acting up and causing problems on my other leg.  I remembered the physical therapist telling me that since I had weak hips, other muscles would take over, and then irritate things. I figured the best thing to do was exercise, especially after three months of not exercising due to doctor's concerns my foot was broken and they couldn't see it.

Each day at work I started walking -- 15 minutes, 20 minutes, up to 30 or even 45 minutes sometimes, depending how I went in the skyways.   Nothing improved for the first two months...I also started going to the chiro twice a week, on doctors orders, and he often did ultrasound and stretched out my low back.  I didn't really think that was working either.  I was frustrated....Lent started in late February.  I decided for Lent I was going to work on trusting God with this horrible thing, continue walking, and stop talking and worrying about it out loud.

Oh!  Times up....gotta go PIYO, and will be back later.....

(48 minutes later...)

Well, so I was walking.  And nothing was changing...I found this really frustrating, as I was exercising more than EVER during busy season, avoiding the candy at my desk, eating a healthy breakfast every morning (I used to skip), avoiding all donuts and sweets (except two days of raised donuts), my weight did NOT change, and I was still having foot pain.  ugh!!  So I started sharing my story with a few people, and these are the things I got told:

1.  You aren't working hard enough
2.  You are still eating too much
3.  You give up too soon (apparently sharing my concerns equates into giving up...I found this comment the most frustrating!  I haven't given up, but I wasn't seeing anything change either)
4.  You should train for a marathon instead (umm...okay)
5.  You seriously can't do a push up?  I bet you can, you just think you can't (this after finally getting to be able to do 30 half push-ups in two months).

I was discouraged, so I researched and ordered my second ever workout videos (the first was The Firm) - PIYO.  I also was keeping my promise and not complaining about the pain.

After a week of starting PIYO, my foot pain started to go away.  HURRAY!!!!  It is feeling so much better now, so I am not sure if it was from the chiro, the daily walking, or the start of PIYO, but I am guessing it was mostly from the three months of walking.

Well, I am now on week four of PIYO (8 week program).  I honestly do not feel any skinnier, stronger, healthier, or more physically fit in any way.  Honestly, all I feel is EXHAUSTED.  So I just finished my first session of "DRENCH" is 48 minutes long.  It is just too long after doing BUNS the day before for me. I realized this weekend that the "schedule" they have given doesn't allow for enough time for recovery for me....people who, for some odd reason, have absolutely zero muscle strength.  So, I decided to take more break days, and on my break days, just go and jog.  So, I should have jogged today, but it is snowing out, and I am seriously NOT giving up.  Despite my complaints, I am not giving up (sharing struggles doesn't mean you are giving up!  ugh!).  However, at this point seeing an ounce of progress would be very motivating.

is this the "wall" everyone talks about?  well, I find it hard to hit a "wall" when you feel like  you  haven't even moved....

For example, these videos have you doing push-ups all the time.  I actually can do LESS pushups now than I could when I started.  My arms feel weaker and tired.  I have been told to eat more protein, and so I have, but it isn't helping thus far.  And my left arm became injured; I am not sure if it was from work, starting PIYO, or what, but I had such bad pain in it for two weeks that I had to start having the chiro work on that and do ultrasound on that.  It is better, but I still get shooting pain down my arm randomly when I stand or sit a certain way.

Someone at work told me week four is often the turning point of any exercise program he has done...I am holding onto that comment with the hopes that next week, maybe I will see some improvement...

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