Tuesday, May 30, 2017

PIYO Update...

Well, today would have been my last day of PIYO had I stuck to the schedule...but, if you had read my previous post, I decided at the beginning of May to start taking more break days to let my body heal.  Also, a coworker had told me that you have to get through week 4, which is often the turning point for him...well, he was RIGHT.

Week 5 is when things started getting better...and by better, I mean the complete exhaustion started to cease.  I also started to jog on my break days, with the exception of one day a week where I do no exercise.  Thank goodness for these days, as I have had a couple days where I had absolutely no ability to exercise due to my schedule.

But, even when I had to travel to Chicago for work, I exercised!  I went to the exercise room and did 15 minutes on the treadmill, and then 15 minutes on this modified elliptical thing....so frickin' damn proud of myself!  I have been making exercising a priority, which often means I have to let something else go, which is very hard for me.

So, I have about another month to go with my PIYO/jogging combo to completely finish the program.  I hate the DRENCH session since it is simply too long for my attention span (48 minutes).  I did the SWEAT program today and that is the perfect length...around 36 minutes.  I don't know why that 12 minutes extra makes such a big difference to me but it does.  Last week I decided to replace one of the workouts with two of the beginning workouts, to see how far I have progressed.  Boy was I pleased!  So many things I couldn't do at all I could now attempt...so much stronger for me....

Also, my jogging has improved greatly, which is an interesting side effect of PIYO.  My endurance has gotten better, and sweating profusely doesn't seem to bother me as much.  The other day I jogged over three miles in the rain and only stopped because I was soaked...I had more energy left, which surprised me.

My upper body strength is still lagging quite behind, however.  I realize now it is because I seriously had none, thus the reason I couldn't do a push-up.  I also still struggle with my left arm/shoulder often getting very sore, but again, I think it is because it was so weak.  My sister came over one day and did a workout with me, and she said she was impressed with how my arms looked.  It was a nice and interesting comment...maybe they have changed, but I never measured them, so I don't know for sure.  For me, going by strength, I have a ton of work to do.  *sigh*...i wish this process could go faster!

So, in summary:

Total weight lost:  zippo!  somedays i lose a pound, other days, I gain it back.  My body is currently stuck at this number despite the exercise....

Total inches lost:  One, around the waist

But I know I am stronger, my mile time has naturally gotten better (I haven't been pushing myself, just going for distance, not time) -- it is now less than 12 minute miles and before I was at about 12.5 minute miles, and I know that I feel in general when I exercise, and after.

Like I said, I wish I could get in shape faster, but it is what it is...a long haul I guess....

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