Monday, July 17, 2017

2017 Mid Year Update...

We take a break from our previously scheduled programming to bring you an update on the current year:

Things have been CRAZY BUSY so far this summer.  It is nuts and I seriously need it to stop.  I have started saying "no" to things in August, as we realized we didn't have one Saturday free the entire month of July!   While I do enjoy doing things, I am also the type of person who recharges quietly...sewing, reading, sitting on the couch playing HayDay on my ipad, exercising by myself...which bring me to:

Exercise update!  

I am very proud of what I have to report all started in January, as you know, with severe foot pain, nerve issues, and walking...I've now done three months of PIYO, I am stronger (even though the damn push-ups still elude me), and I am in so much better shape!  5 PR's hit in the past week with regards to my jogging...which just proves to me how much healthier I am now and how much more endurance I have.  I have jogged the longest distance I ever have in my life, my miles are a minute faster on AVERAGE than a year ago, I can do side planks and my down-diggity-dogs are awesome.

My goal was always to become healthier and stronger, with a secondary goal in the back of my mind that maybe my pants wouldn't feel so tight.  Well, if you go by the scale, I have only lost about four pounds, which is a pound a month so I don't even like thinking about that.

I HAVE changed my diet, eating healthier, leaner meals in general, although I didn't really give anything up.  I had ONE coke the entire time (which was really good), and some pop in adult beverages, but otherwise doing good there.  Lately at night before bed the Cherry Twizzlers have been calling my name...but let's not go there, shall we??

I make time now for exercise.  This is actually the hardest part of exercising for me.  When I am home, I think, gee, I could go jog for an hour, or clean the entire floor of this house...hmmm....
So, for me to choose exercise, versus doing things around the house (or work), it's very hard and feels selfish.  I have to push that feeling aside and make it work.  There are days where I go upstairs to change into my workout clothes (because I now sweat like a pig and cannot do anything without drenching everything!), and I see the unmade bed, and I tell myself, "exercise is more important than making that bed!"

Kid Update

Everybody is OKAY as we are halfway through the summer here.  Pictures will be posted whenever I post pictures for 2017 (so probably in 2019 the way I am going).  Nathan and Evan did soccer, and both boys this year made HUGE improvements.  We are still going to do rec and not travel with Nathan....I don't think kids should be that busy, and as a family of five with two working parents, we have to make choices for everyone.  I have started asking other families what they do with sports/kids/activities, and it is amazing how many kids Nathan's age do not have any time to play.  I said to one parent, "when is your kid home playing or seeing his friends?"  And they said, "she isn't...she has six things this summer...."

Hmmm.   I dunno about you but that sounds like crap to me.  I love that when my kids come home they do things:   a friend comes over and they run around outside, or they facetime and play video games, or they run to their rooms and have a make believe Star Wars battle, or play Thomas with Jeffrey because I said no tv....

I have also discovered that I am really a rarity:  I am a mean mom apparently.  I make my kids do all sorts of stuff no one else makes their kids do...for example, they do chores, all the time.  Dishes, laundry, vacuuming, garbage, sweeping, taking care of the cats, etc...  Jeffrey lately is the only one who likes this stuff, as he is just excited to finally be asked to help out.  Of course, the first time I ask him to take out the garbage, he is so excited he runs back, falls down and lands right on the cement sidewalk, scratching and bruising the bridge of his nose.

I make them read books and keep up on their studies.  I challenge them to learn new things in the summer (much to their dismay)...Evan is learning to tell time and start subtraction, Nathan is playing with algebra and learning about matter/science.  It's not much, but just enough to elicit whining and challenge their minds for a couple hours a week.

They also want to enter things in the County Fair, but to do that, they need to create projects, so I help them with that, and make them finish what they started...again, much to their dismay, and I have a critical eye, so I often have to hold back on my comments about their "projects".

Doctor visits...

Ugh, we started off summer with strep with Evan (or rather, ended the school year with it).  Then Jeffrey has had pink eye, and Nathan just got staples on Monday in his head for a bad cut from a mean, nasty tree branch that had it out for him.

Evan also started down the orthodontic path early -- poor boy has always had a severe underbite we knew we would have to eventually correct.  We had a consult last fall and were told to wait until he was older and going through his next spurt (10, 11 or so...)  Well, that all changed when he lost his molar in January that he wasn't supposed to lose for another 5 or 6 years...we went back in and found out he needed braces put in ASAP so that the space didn't close up where his 12 year molars should come in.  An underbite is actually caused by an upper jaw that was not fully formed correctly/too small (and is completely hereditary...thanks Grandpa!).  So, poor Evan has teeth that are basically confused, because there isn't enough room in his mouth, so they just, fell out!

He is doing GREAT though, and his teeth have moved around enough that we can possibly start Phase 2 this fall...which is bad, because Phase 1 cost $3,500 and was supposed to take a year and a half...we have nothing budgeted for Phase 2 this year, so say good-bye money...!!

Chris and I decided we don't really like $$ anyways.

That's all for I said, July is overly busy, and it needs to STOP.

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