Tuesday, July 18, 2017

August...finally a month with a small amount of pictures! (with the exception of the Wis Dells post, next)

August is our church festival!  We signed up to do the 5K with Nathan this year....that's me in the background in pink!

go me go!

So, we were going to all run together, but let's face it, I can't keep up with Daddy OR Nathan.  Bah! my eight year old kicks my ass!!!

Nathan really wanted to play Flag Football last summer.  His first few days of practice and games he loved...

I took the girls in August last year for their annual Auntie Sleepover birthday presents..we went to Crayola...they loved it!

Summer wound down and the kids had their parents night at school selling their products.  It was sad, for two years in a row they got stuck inside due to rain, and they love showing the parents and grandparents the woods and their houses...

We did have an excessive amount of rain in August...my neighbors had lakefront property!  Looking at the below pictures makes me a little sad...the black-eyed susans are beautiful!  A pocket gopher destroyed most of those this spring...I was able to save one and split it into three, but then the bunnies have now been eating the baby plants.  They definitely aren't going to look like the below this year!

Jeffrey enjoying watermelon at the football game...

Nathan is out there!

These pictures are totally out of order...here is another of the "lake" again hahaha....


Found Nathan's old choo-choo and Jeffrey was elated!

Berry pie...

Nathan had a nice shiner last summer...I don't even remember how he got it.  :-)

Unfortunately, after the first few games, Nathan started to really dislike flag football.  He didn't tell us though until the LAST game.  He said he never wanted to do it again; the kids were mean, always demanding the coach give them certain spots; the coaches would cave and always put kids in the same position (which is not allowed at this level).  Nathan said he never got to be captain and pick the teams for scrimmage even though he asked everytime...I was like, WHAT?!  Why didn't you tell me so I could go talk to the coaches?!!!!

I normally would side with the coaches and parents, but omg, the coaches and parents!  Even Chris noticed it the first day...football parents are truly different from parents at all the other sports.  Sorry = truth.   Most are built like football players, most of the women are all dolled up (not sure why there), and they are all obsessed with football and their own little clicks.  Are we in high school?  No, we are in third grade flag football, but you would think it was high school!

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